Mechanical Rights!

by rkd

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released August 8, 2006

All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by rkd



all rights reserved


rkd Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Beautiful Brain
Beautiful Brain
You lost your glasses again
Do you still see me the same?
A crossed-off name
In your Calculus book

Beautiful Brain
What ever happened to the rest of the gang?
Out of gas in the pouring rain
The situation
Always seemed the same

You said there's no such thing as ghosts
But you're the phantom that I dig the most

Beautiful Brain
I never figured out your middle name
Or solved the riddle of what we became
I understand
If I'm the one you blame
Track Name: Henchman
I ain't gonna lie
I'm sick of the side
That always loses
For minimum wage
And Batterang bruises
When this capers over
I'll be halfway out the door
Cause I don't want to be a Henchman

A fantasy life
Addicted to Kryptonyte
And coffee
I'm running away
And getting this
Silly costume off me
And I still don't know
Just what I stick around here for
Cause I don't want to be a Henchman

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Alter Ego
It wasn't me
Who did those things
I just came-to in bed
with stars around my head
He looks just like me
But with a black goat-tee
He's my Alter Ego

I can't recall
Anything at all
So tell me what he said
To piss-off all my friends
They can come and see
That's it's really me
Not my Alter Ego

You never knew
I was split in two
Everybody needs
A good Archenemy

I had this dream
I wasn't me
And everybody thought
I was someone I was not
Til I tried to use
Some lame excuse
Like my Alter Ego
Track Name: Whiskey & Pills
Woke up feeling foreign
Looking for Saturday Night
On a Monday Morning
Whiskey & Pills
On your breakfast table

Late for my appointment
To get a refill
On my special ointment
Whiskey & Pills
And the ladies
Just can't stay away

Love, Speed and Thrills
At your apartment
The red wine spills
On the carpet
Now there'll be a stain
All over your brain

Backwards up the junction
To get a dollars worth
So I can function
Whiskey & Pills
I just hope
I don't collapse on stage
Track Name: Commit Yourself
Hijack a broken microphone
Make up a bullshit press kit
Commit yourself
Turn poverty
Back into wealth
Sing all those things
You never can say
One more Tanqueray
And you're well on your way

You keep the door, they keep the bar
Know-it-all train wreck sound check
Commit yourself
Convince yourself
That you'll sell out
Like no one else
To all the kids
In the hipster regime
With cream in their jeans
For the rock star machines

Short snoozes on freeway
Ass-hole DJs
Don't see it on your bio
Me oh, my oh

When you arrive they'll treat you fine
Sign on the dotted line
Commit yourself
Commit yourself
Your mental health
Commit yourself
Track Name: How To Make A Living
The sleep don't come as cheap as the thrills
Or the whiskey and pills
That the Butcher boy spills
When he pays the bills
Nothing that you want is possible
When he's beating out a tune against your skull
This is how to make a living
How to make a living
How to make a living hell

Kiss ass so you can stand in the line
By the "Vacancies" sign
Spit-up and swallow your pride
For the thousandth time
Just be happy if they don't start acting bored
Is it worse to be rejected or ignored
This is how to make a living
How to make a living
How to make a living hell

Can you trade cash
For credibility?
Pop sensibilities,
Are disabilities
Silly me

That ditch would dig itself if it could
But it misunderstood
That it never made good
Like a good ditch should
Everything has got to learn its place
So pick that shovel up and shut your face
This is how to make a living
How to make a living
How to make a living hell
Track Name: King Friday's Concubine
I've been planning my escape
Digging at the wall with a spoon
Down in the dungeon
By every full moon
Ever since Prince Tuesday found me
With her arms around me
Dancing on the banks of the Rhine
With King Friday's Concubine

We would meet every Tuesday
At the Chez Champagne
Slip a five dollar bill
To Lady Elaine
It's just our little secret
Hope you can see your way to keep it
She was soft as calamine
And King Friday's Concubine

I ain't one to be naive
But I got my doubts
I'll catch that last trolley out
Of the Land of Make-Believe

They caught me at the station
An empty suitcase in my hand
A white carnation
And a foiled plan
I try to put it all behind me
But she told them where to find me
Left hangin' on the line
By King Friday's Concubine
Track Name: Mr. In-Between
"I got you all figured out"
I guess back then I knew what I was talking about
You come and go
Like a Carny show
Skewed, if that's your view
I don't think I ever met you
To you it might not seem
But you make me feel like
Mr. In-Between

You say that I misread the signs
But all you ever want to do is remanisce about the best of times
When you say you miss someone
It shouldn't be for fun
Skewed, if that was you
I wouldn't even want to know you
I think it's mean
When you make me feel like
Mr. In-Between

I have amazing powers of self-deception
My senses lead me in the wrong direction
And just for my information
It was all in my imagination

It wasn't you who did me wrong
When I'm the one who chose to be alone all along
You're so Goddamn sweet
You might just rot my teeth
Skewed, I thought you knew
I can't live with and without you
So just let me be
I don't want to be
Mr. In-Between
Track Name: Dangerprone
Baby can't say "No"
And it's starting to show
She's got a Beautiful Brain
And a World of Pain
To let go

Baby gets depressed
When I can't say "Yes"
The smell of cranberry juice
And a fifth of Grey Goose
On her breath

You're on your own
Ain't got no home to run away from
And you've been wearing out your welcome
Everywhere you go
You're on your own

I try to do my best
To just give it a rest
But every couple of years
A memory reappears
I surpressed

In her purple dress
In a perfect mess
Just like Calamity Jane
And only slightly insane
I guess


Asleep with my arm around you
I'll leave you the way I found you
'Cause I'm a sad sight to see

Track Name: Frankenstein's Daughter
Turned-on and terrified
By her bloodshot bedroom eyes
Cold sweat and shiny implements
Fishnets and strange experiments

Black lipstick and mascara
Hot as the Sahara
A razor in her make-up case
We're all lambs to the slaughter
For Frankenstein's Daughter
The devil with a pretty face

Has something on her mind
Spare parts
And a sinister design
Slipped discs and lips like novacaine
A soft kiss and a blackjack to the brain

Black lipstick and mascara
Hot as the Sahara
A razor in her make-up case
We're all lambs to the slaughter
For Frankenstein's Daughter
The devil with a pretty face

Fall asleep in dizzy paradise
Wake up in a bathtub full of ice

Black lipstick and mascara
Hot as the Sahara
A razor in her make-up case
We're all lambs to the slaughter
For Frankenstein's Daughter
The devil with a pretty face
Track Name: Dutch Courage
The jig's up
Some mug stuck
A gun in your ribs
The hotel
The Bombshell
The chloroform kiss
The things you
confess to
When gumshoes
Arrest you
Dutch Courage
Is a friend of mine

A tight squeeze
The DT's
Your back to the wall
A tip-off
To ship off
A clandestine call
One step
Ahead of
The thug in
The black gloves
Dutch Courage
Is a friend of mine

Looks like someone smashed the door
Cut up the couch and turned out all the drawers
Burnt-out flashbulbs on the floor
Haven't I been here before?

There are those
Who don't know
The deck has been stacked
You learn when
Your good friend
Stabs you in the back
Face down in
The river
A shiv in
The liver
Dutch Courage
Was a friend of mine
Track Name: Little Seventeen
Away at school
Drunk in my room
Thinking of you
And the things we both said
That we would never do
Little Seventeen

Where are you now
I've been asking around
All over town
Even your folks don't know
Where you can be found
Little Seventeen

When I'm alone
Plastered and stoned
On student loans
I still think of the way
The sun-light caught you back home
Little Seventeen